I returned to the Secret Beach that night for the sunset.  It was not too busy, no one was getting married on the beach.  There was a couple doing wedding pics with a group of photographers, but I think it was a model shoot.  They were behind me at this point shooting toward the sun.  There were also some locals playing on the rocks, swimming and watching the sunset.  Everyone enjoying the beautiful evening.

The next day I explored the beaches down the southwest coast of Maui, eventually making down to the Secret Beach.  This little beach is a justifiably popular location for photographers (and apparently painters).   Did I return later for the sunset?  Oh yeah.

Sunset in Maui, from the lava rocks at Charley Young Beach in Kihei

The rain that dogged me on the drive to Hana continued through the next morning, ruining the sunrise.  Thankfully the rain broke just before I made it to the Oheo Gulch and Pipiwai trail.  The heavy rain meant that access to the water falls and pools was blocked off due to flash flooding concerns, so I couldn’t get up close to the falls.  Still, the view from here was spectacular.

I recently returned from a couple of weeks in Hawaii.  A much needed reward for surviving the Chicago winter.

On the way back to the car I swung by the Walk Disney Concert Hall.  With annoying concertgoers insisting on using the entrance with no concern for my photography, I retreated to the relative solitude of the handicap ramp.

Downtown Los Angeles viewed from the 4th Street bridge.  This shot is so popular there are holes worn into the sidewalk from the positioning of tripod legs.  Sunday night before Christmas and there are two other photographers besides me hanging out on this overpass. That’s a bit nuts.

A short walk down the High Line from the last building there is a big transition from old to modern.

Taken during my walk on the High Line in New York City.  One of the fun things about walking along the High Line was the different perspectives on the city that you normally could not get at street level.

Another from my night at Rockefeller Center.  Given the perfect conditions, it should be no surprise that the observation deck was very popular that night.  People were lined up 2-3 deep at the southern edge enjoying the fantastic view.