On the way back to the car I swung by the Walk Disney Concert Hall.  With annoying concertgoers insisting on using the entrance with no concern for my photography, I retreated to the relative solitude of the handicap ramp.

Downtown Los Angeles viewed from the 4th Street bridge.  This shot is so popular there are holes worn into the sidewalk from the positioning of tripod legs.  Sunday night before Christmas and there are two other photographers besides me hanging out on this overpass. That’s a bit nuts.

A short walk down the High Line from the last building there is a big transition from old to modern.

Taken during my walk on the High Line in New York City.  One of the fun things about walking along the High Line was the different perspectives on the city that you normally could not get at street level.

Another from my night at Rockefeller Center.  Given the perfect conditions, it should be no surprise that the observation deck was very popular that night.  People were lined up 2-3 deep at the southern edge enjoying the fantastic view.

Lower Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  This is a deservedly popular spot.  There were a half dozen other photographers down by the pilings and more than that lining Furman street above the park. 

Riding the Roosevelt Island Tram as it approaches its Manhattan station.

I recall, Central Park in fall …

The High Line as it crosses over 18th Street, with Gehry’s IAC Building in the background.  The renovation of the High Line into a park is a fantastic addition to NYC and a photographer’s paradise.  Anyone visiting owes it to themselves to walk it’s length.  If the Ventra card winds up destroying the CTA in Chicago, it’s good to know we could at least turn the L’s tracks into a nice park.  

The pond at in the southeast corner of Central Park.  Looking toward the corner of 5th Avenue and Central Park South.